Guyzance Bridge has been chosen as the main logo for the parish website as it epitomises the very strengths and qualities this website is aiming to achieve.

The bridge.....

* is at the heart of our parish;
* links the northern and southern areas of our parish which are divided by the River Coquet;
* aids communication between the two villages n our parish - Acklington and Guyzance;
* is strong, reliable, stylish and supportive;
* is used frequently and serves our parish well.

We hope, given time, that this website will be regarded as having qualities to match those of Guyzance Bridge.

Above all, we will strive to ensure that Acklington Parish Website always serves our community well.


Acklington Parish Council
has its own webpage
where you can see who
our councillors are.

 You can also, if you wish, ask a question, make a
point or raise a subject for discussion at a Parish Council meeting.

Just click on the APC Link below for more information.

ou can also read the minutes of the latest parish council meeting by clicking on the box below.




The Village Hall is available for hire seven days a week for fund-raising events, private hire, social events, etc.  The fee is £8 per hour.


Eddie Critchlow (Chairman of Acklington Village Hall Committee) watches on as our County Councillor Mr Jeff Watson opens the new extension to the village hall on Saturday 29th June 2013.  This impressive new build has been Christened "The Guyzance Room".

Further information about village hall bookings or fundraising can be obtained from Alison Sharpe on
01670 761451


The Railway Inn is our only pub in the parish.  It has been newly refurbished and is serving the parish well.  We are very happy to recommend the inn and to help promote its events.

FOOD is served from:
12-2pm  6-9pm  Mon to Fri
         All Day      Sat & Sun
Serving home cooked food by owner chef....
...using local produce.

Children eat free
from the children's menu, Monday to Friday, 5.00pm - 6.30pm, with every paying adult.



3rd Monday of each month from 8.00pm 

every Tuesday at 9.00pm
- every Wednesday from £20 per
   couple - including glass of house wine

   CURRY NIGHT - every Thursday.... £9.95 only, and this includes a free drink.


Did you know this tree (situated in the NE corner of the playing field at Acklington First School) is very special? Not only is it a rare Black Poplar, believed to be the most northerly in the British Isles, but it is more than likely the oldest thing living in our parish.

Black Poplars can grow up to one hundred feet tall and appear in many of Constable's paintings, including the Hay Wain.

The Black Poplar is one of Britain's rarest native trees and it is also one of the most endangered. Without active conservation the Black Poplars could soon become extinct in this country.

Did you know the RAF Station at Acklington played a major part in the history of our parish and indeed the history of the country?

The first enemy aircraft to crash on English soil was shot down in 1940 by pilots from RAF Acklington.

For more information press the RECENT HISTORY link button below.



Did you know we have a talented young budding photographer in the parish?

Adam Moffat certainly has an eye for a good photograph.  Below are just a few of his many shots which have been taken from the Flickr website where users have their own "photostreams" to show and share their images.

Most of all Adam likes to take pictures of farm machinery and farmers at work. 

If you wish to see even more of Adam's stunning photo's you can visit his flickr photostream by
clicking on the link below:


Did you know more and more steam trains are passing through Acklington Station these days?

If you would like to see one then it is worth clicking on the little engine below to check out the timetables.


Did you know Acklington is obviously a very prestigious name in the fashion world?

Acklington has given its name to a style of men's trousers.  They are produced by the outfitters Jack Wills and cost the pricely sum of £119.00

Well... they often say you "pay for the name"
Fancy a pair?

...and just so the ladies don't feel left out, you can purchase an Acklington handbag from Radley.

Radley is one of Britain's highly recognised designer brands in leather bags.  Its flagship store is based in London at 92 Kings Road and their latest new line in handbags is called
"The Acklington Family"

Obviously the name "Acklington" suggests high quality... as do the prices!

Medium Across Body Bag - £99
Large Across Body Bag - £179
Bucket Shoulder Bag - £229

(Not kidding, honestly!)

Did you know we have some really talented artists who attend Acklington Art Group every Thursday morning?

If you wish to see some of their fine work then you can do so by clicking on the link below.



Welcome to
Acklington Parish Website

This website has been designed to provide a central source of information for Acklington Parish.  You can navigate the website by using the blue menu bar above
or via the sitemap at the bottom right of this page.

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A five-day forecast for the parish of Acklington
as summarised in the latest BBC weather news.

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Notice is hereby given that by reason of the resignation of Councillor Lesley Craig a vacancy has occurred among the members of Acklington Parish Council.

Any person willing to fill this vacancy should apply in writing to the clerk before 25th August 2014.

The applicant’s name must appear on the current register of Voters List or the applicant should during the whole of the twelve months preceding the relevant date resided in or within three miles of the parish or the applicant’s only place of work during the whole twelve months preceding the relevant date is in the parish.

The applicant must not be debarred from standing as a Councillor.

Miss E Brown – Clerk to the Council
4 Simonside Crescent
NE65 9YB
28th July 2014


Northumberland Clubs for Young People
in conjunction with
want to give the opportunity for our young people to have their say on youth opportunities in our area.

If you are aged from 8 to 19 come along to
Acklington Village Hall on
Friday 29th August
 from 11am - 2pm

Activities are still to be finalised but can include skate ramps, football cages, arts and crafts, plus much more with trained instructors.  Refreshments will be
provided and there is no charge so please come
along ~ and be sure to bring your mates.

For more information ring Sharon on 01670 760743

The parish of Acklington is always very busy with many events taking place throughout the year in venues such as the village hall, the church, the pub, the school, Guyzance Hall and elsewhere!
You can check the various 2014 events which are already being planned by going to the menu bar above and clicking on the calendar button.

Just follow the links for each month.  You will be surprised to learn how much is going on.
St. Oswald’s Way is a long-distance walking route, exploring some of the finest landscapes and fascinating history of Northumberland.  Walkers find castles, coastline, islands, scenic river valleys, hills, attractive villages, forest and farmland on the walk.

From Holy Island (Lindisfarne) in the north, St. Oswald’s Way follows the stunning Northumberland coast, before heading inland across beautiful countryside to Heavenfield and Hadrian’s Wall in the south, a distance of 97 miles (156 km).  The route links some of the places associated with St. Oswald, the King of Northumbria in the early 7th Century, who played a major part in bringing Christianity to his people.
Half way along the route walkers get to pass through our lovely Acklington Parish.  Indeed the mid-point of St Oswald's Way is believed to be that point in our parish (pictured opposite)
where Rake Lane footpath passes under the main London to Edinburgh railway line.  Walkers take note:- Rake Lane is a beautiful stretch of the walk when the weather is dry and fine but it can be extremely muddy and challenging during wet weather.

If you have any photographs taken in our parish that you would like to see on this website, please forward them to us.  We will be happy to include them, especially any interesting or unusual shots such as the view of Acklington Village opposite.

This website is maintained by members of Acklington Community Team (ACT).

The picture below shows a group of parishioners enjoying an evening website training session led by
website designer Brett Grieves.
The training took place in Acklington School and was funded by ACT.

Any feedback or constructive criticism of this website would be very much welcomed.  Also any contributions (news, parish information, articles, stories, photographs, etc.) which could be included on the website would also be gratefully received.

To make contact, please click on the CONTACT US
button below and you will see the various ways
in which you can get in touch.


Contact Us



There are many different
ways to find out what is happening in Acklington Parish.

By clicking on the icons
above you can either
"like us on facebook" or "follow us on twitter"

.... or you can simply
browse this very informative and comprehensive website.

However you get your information it is so
 important to
keep up to date
with all that is going on
in this small but very
busy community.



The following article was published in the Bdaily Business News, Monday April 14th 2014

The owners of Guyzance Hall have acquired a renowned Scottish Borders hotel, growing their portfolio of properties to six.

Guyzance Hall Ltd, who also own Eshott Hall and Doxford Hall in Northumberland, as well as Dalhousie Castle near Edinburgh and Tedsmore Estate in Shropshire, have bought Ednam House in Kelso for an undisclosed sum.

The former 18th Century Mansion, on the banks of the River Tweed, has purchased from the Brooks family, who have owned and operated the hotel since 1928.

The 32-bed hotel provides for fishing parties, wedding parties and events, and also boasts bars and a restaurant.

Guyzance Hall Ltd say they are committed to retaining Ednam House’s key role in the local economy, and suggested new developments are on the horizon.

Eric Kortenbach, Guyzance operations director (pictured above) said: “I am delighted to welcome Ednam House to our portfolio as it fits perfectly with our brand. As with our other properties we intend to invest in both the hotel, and staff.

"Our aim is to ensure that Ednam House becomes a truly luxury destination hotel, through attention to detail in every aspect of the property – whether it be dining, decor or service, or through the events we hold for guests and visitors. Our policy is to invest in the local economy, through buying locally, and providing opportunity and employment.“

The properties in North Northumberland and Dalhousie have seen millions of pounds worth of investment over the last five years and have already established a reputation for service and luxury.


The following article was published by the Northumberland Gazette on April 12th 2014

An animal behaviourist who previously worked extensively with wolves is helping dog owners in the North East to gain a better understanding of their pets.

Dr Isla Fishburn (pictured above with her dogs) started Kachina Canine Communication to increase the understanding of both pets and wild animals.

A qualified zoologist with a PhD in conservation biology, Dr Fishburn returned to her native North East after spending time in the South of England researching and working with wolves.

Now she is holding behaviour and communication courses at Acklington Village Hall.

She said: “I researched how wolves interact, and offered wolf encounter courses where people could come and experience time with them.

“Many of the visitors had dogs and it was seeing people’s reactions to their own dogs, never mind the wolves, that convinced me that a lot of people need help in understanding how their dogs think and communicate with us and how they can work with them to overcome the problems that are all too common.”

Originally from Newton Hall in Durham, Dr Fishburn has based Kachina Canine Communication in Acklington.

She has worked with police and prison dog handlers and used her techniques to address a range of behavioural issues with rescue dogs.

She said: “As I work holistically, my focus is improving the individual wellbeing of each dog and its owner and creating mutual trust and respect.”


The following article was published in the Northumberland Gazette, Thursday April 3rd 2014

Staff, politicians and union bosses have all expressed grave misgivings about staff levels at HMP Northumberland after Friday’s ‘stand-off’.

A disturbance took place when around 50 prisoners refused to return to their cells in one wing of the Acklington prison, which became just the second privatised facility in the country when Sodexo Justice Services took over in December.

It followed an announcement in October that up to 200 jobs could go after Sodexo took control.

One prison officer, who did not wish to be named, told the Gazette there have been a number of incidents recently, including rooftop protests and attempted escapes.

“The whole jail is a powder keg waiting for the spark. There will be more trouble, that’s for sure,” he said.

“It’s a disgrace; staff are kept in the dark, there is no communication between management and staff – we hear things from the inmates before it gets to us – and to top it off, there are another 37 staff leaving this month.

“I do not know how the jail will function or, even worse still, respond to alarm bells or help, as we are at breaking point now.”

One of his colleagues, who also wanted to remain anonymous, added: “The reason it happened was the staffing levels.

“I’m all up for change, I believe the prison service had to change. After the merger of the two prisons (Acklington and Castington), we had too many staff, but now we haven’t got enough.

“There’s two sides to a story and I’m open to change, but it rarely happened before. The last time there was a barricade was about 11 years ago.

“It’s getting dangerous. The convicts aren’t stupid and something will happen.”

The POA (formerly the Prison Officers’ Association) has praised its members for their ‘bravery during a serious disturbance’ with some staff apparently being inside the prison until 1.40am on Saturday, having started shifts at 7.30am on Friday.

Liberal Democrat MP Sir Alan Beith has taken up the issue and has sent a series of ‘urgent and detailed questions’ to Sodexo and his Government’s Prisons Minister.
         Sir Alan Beith MP

“I have asked what lessons have been learned from the incident and whether prison safety can be retained with such a large reduction in staffing,” he said yesterday, adding that he is also concerned about unsupervised or unescorted movement of prisoners and apparently increasing and organised efforts to get drugs into the prison over the fence.

The county council is also concerned and yesterday leader Grant Davey announced the creation of a working group to look at issues such as privatisation, staffing levels and training.

Coun Scott Dickinson, whose ward contains the prison, said: “Back in October, I raised concerns about staffing levels and Friday’s events suggest that maybe the reductions have been too fast.”

A Sodexo Justice Services spokesman said: “We congratulate all the staff involved in the incident for the professional way in which they resolved the situation.

“There was minimal damage to the affected area and the prison returned to its normal regime by Saturday morning. We are now carrying out an investigation into the incident.”

“We review staffing levels at all our prisons on a regular basis and will continue to monitor them at HMP Northumberland, particularly at a time of change when we are introducing longer working days for prisoners.

“Safety and security of prisoners, staff and visitors is always a priority for Sodexo Justice Services, as independent reports in each of our prisons by HM Chief Inspector of Prisons demonstrate.

“Our other four UK prisons achieved distinctions in last year’s International Safety Awards, held by the British Safety Council, for our commitment to safety, which is so crucial to our business.”


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