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Acklington C. of E. First School requires a temporary catering assistant (7.5 hours per week).  The job involves setting tables, serving food (delivered from Amble), tidying kitchen, stacking dish washer and clearing up in the hall after lunches.  For more details please click here.

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To access Northumberland County Council's Public Right of Way Map, which shows the rights of way in our parish and in our county, please click on the map below.


St. Oswald’s Way is a long-distance walking route, exploring some of the finest landscapes and fascinating history of Northumberland.  The route runs through the centre of our parish.

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To see more pictures from the Acklington 3,2,1, Zeros, please click here.


Highways England is the new public company responsible for the strategic road network in England. We are responsible for modernising, maintaining and operating the country’s 1,300 miles of motorways and major A-roads.

We are currently developing a package of improvements for the A1 in Northumberland route.  You may have heard about this programme of work before, when it was called the “A1 North of Newcastle”.  Following feedback from stakeholders, the name has been changed to “A1 in
Northumberland”.  To find out more about the proposed improvements, including a summary of the current
progress and outline of what will happen next, please click on the link below:

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We have an extremely rare tree in our parish

This tree (situated in the NE corner of the playing field at Acklington First School) is very special. Not only is it a rare Black Poplar, believed to be the most northerly in the British Isles, but it is more than likely the oldest thing living in our parish. 

Furthermore, in 2015 the tree made the national final in the Woodland's Trust's "Tree of the Year" contest (the only tree in the north east to have done so) and came a commendable seventh in the competition.

Black Poplars can grow up to one hundred feet tall and appear in many of Constable's paintings, including the Hay Wain.

The Black Poplar is one of Britain's rarest native trees and it is also one of the most endangered.

Without active conservation the Black Poplars could soon become extinct in this country.

Acklington once boasted a very proud RAF Station

The RAF Station at Acklington played a major part in the history of our parish and indeed the history of the country?

The first enemy aircraft to crash on English soil was shot down in 1940 by pilots from RAF Acklington.

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Acklington is obviously a very prestigious name in the fashion world
Acklington gives its name to a style of men's trousers which are produced by the outfitters Jack Wills and cost the pricely sum of £119.00

Well... they often say you "pay for the name"

Fancy a pair?

...and just so the ladies don't feel left out, you can purchase an Acklington handbag from Radley.

Radley is one of Britain's highly recognised designer brands in leather bags.  Its flagship store is based in London at 92 Kings Road and one of their lines in handbags is called "The Acklington Family"

Obviously the name "Acklington" suggests high quality... as do the prices!

Medium Across Body Bag - £99
Large Across Body Bag - £179
Bucket Shoulder Bag - £229

(Not kidding, honestly!)

The following article was published by ChronicleLive on 1st May 2016

A North East MP will meet the prisons’ minister to raise fears over crisis jail HMP Northumberland.

Wansbeck MP Ian Lavery has voiced concerns about conditions inside the problem prison in the past, and last week a prison officer was attacked by an inmate. 

He will meet the prisons’ minister to raise fears over crisis jail HMP Northumberland.  He is due to sit down with Andrew Selous to discuss concerns over conditions at the problem prison in Acklington.

MP Ian Lavery

Last week we reported how a HMP Northumberland prison officer was assaulted by an inmate just one day after a prisoner escaped while on a hospital visit.

The 36-year-old managed to give jail staff the slip before allegedly making his getaway on motorbike.  He was caught and arrested around two hours later in Wallsend.

During his talks with the Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Prisons, Probation, Rehabilitation and Sentencing Mr Lavery will seek assurances about what steps are being taken to solve issues he says are plaguing the prison including violence and a pervasive culture of fear among staff.

The MP will then meet Tony Simpson, director of Acklington, which since 2013 has been managed by the private firm Sodexo, to discuss the on-going situation at the prison.

Tony Simpson the governor of HMP Northumberland

Already in the House of Commons Mr Lavery has told his fellow MPs that drugs and alcohol are being used by Acklington prisoners on a regular basis.



The following article was published by ChronicleLive on 25th April 2016

Sources say there has been chaos at HMP Northumberland

Raging prisoners took one guard hostage and threatened another with a blade one day after a fellow con escaped from hospital on a stolen motorbike.

Insiders at the privately run HMP Northumberland claim there has been chaos in recent months due to low staffing levels and poor conditions.

In the latest incident, a warder was allegedly put in a headlock by angry lags and dragged into a cell.

They were said to have swiped his keys and sent other prisoners to pick up a parcel believed to contain drug s that had been thrown over the wall.

Sources claimed officers who ran to help were told to back off by a violent inmate wielding a makeshift knife made from a toothbrush and a razor blade.

Other lags allegedly set light to furniture and smashed up beds and tables during chaotic scenes on wing 7 of the jail in Acklington, Northumberland on Saturday.

Prisoners are said to have set fire to furniture at the jail

The hostage takers were eventually overpowered.

The violence flared one day after a 36-year-old prisoner escaped while receiving treatment at nearby Cramlington Hospital.


The following article was published by ChronicleLive on 22nd April 2016

Look at this multimillion pound home owned by a man once dubbed Britain's wealthiest vicar.

Rev Robert Parker puts Northumberland country pile Guyzance Hall, which he bought as a second home, up for sale at £6m

Guyzance Hall in Northumberland is for sale at £6m

A businessman once dubbed Britain’s richest vicar has put one of his country piles on the market for £6m.

Rev Robert Parker is flogging Guyzance Hall near Acklington, Northumberland, after living in the 19th century country house with 15 bedrooms as a second home.

He had splashed out on the property, which includes an Edwardian ballroom, because his wife Gina comes from the North East.

He also owns Doxford Hall, near Alnwick, and Eshott Hall near Morpeth.  The entrepreneur built up his fortune in care homes after working as a vicar before selling up for £43m and branching into country estates.

He entered the ministry for the second time in the 1990s as a travelling preacher and in 2007 was appointed advisor to the Bishop of Derby on the care of the elderly. He no longer has any responsibilities in the Diocese of Derby and has not done so for two years.

The view from the conservatory at Guyzance Hall

Rev Parker, whose main residence is the Tedsmore Estate in Oswestry, still preaches but does not have a parish of his own.

His three properties in Northumberland are among those branded under the Robert Parker Collection which also includes a 13th castle near Edinburgh.

Guyzance Hall, which is located in a 350 acre estate and is a Grade II listed building, has been hired out as a wedding venue and is currently offering a deal of three nights exclusive hire at £4250.

The country house, which has four main reception rooms, was put on the market on Thursday by Knight Frank at Edinburgh with offers invited over £6m.

The estate includes walled and wooded gardens, six cottages, and a farm steading with potential sporting rights.

Dine in style at Guyzance Hall

Rev Parker has spoken before about his wealth saying he both enjoys his money and feels guilty about it.

He once told the a national newspaper: “Theres’s little in life I couldn’t do if I wanted. Do I feel guilty? Yes, I’ve agonised about it.

“There are those who criticise me all the time saying how dare he be involved in ministry having all that money and others who say ignore them”.


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